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Healthy Sweet Popcorn!

You’re three weeks into your New Year’s resolution to eat better and now you’re craving something sweet.

Here is a sweet snack that is ALSO HEALTHY!



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Pine Nut Pudding — Healthy AND Delicious

Mormon Hippie - Pine Nut Pudding 02Did you resolve to eat less junk food this year, but you still have cravings for sweets?

Here’s a sweet treat that doesn’t break that resolution.

It’s simple, quick and delicious.


In high speed blender (such as Vita Mix or Blend-Tec) add:

1 cup Water

1 cup Pine Nuts

1 cup pitted Dates (soak in the water for 20-30 minutes, or until softened)

Blend til smooth!


Divide into small serving dishes. Sprinkle each with a few pine nuts.

This Pine Nut Pudding recipe comes from the BlendTec® Cookbook.

Photo by: Energy Media Works LLC