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In Memory of Thanksgiving — That Holiday We Used to Have Before Christmas

Every year it seems that Christmas sales, promotions and decorations show up earlier and earlier. Thanksgiving is being pushed back into the dark corners of America’s holiday storehouse.

One man is on a personal crusade to rectify that. “The Pilgrim” is determined to bring back Thanksgiving.

Visit The Pilgrim’s Facebook page.

“The Pilgrim” is not a creation of Mormon Hippie (but is a really good friend).

Humor — Nature’s Best Medicine

Mormons are hilarious . . . sometimes even intentionally.

In this episode of “Forgotten Skills Radio” Caleb Warnock talks with Janiel Miller about her book, “Mormons Say (and do) the Darndest Things”. (Audio 28:53)

You can find Janiel’s book here on Mormon Hippie.

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