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A Little Help for a Joyous Holiday Season

  1. SEE THE LIGHT — With the sun coming up later and going down earlier, it’s possible to go days without seeing it. Make sure to get out during the day and get some sun light.
  1. TAKE A HIKE…OR AT LEAST A WALK — Your brain loves the rhythm of walking. It decreases anxiety and can improve sleep.
  1. HAVE A “ME” DAY — We do an awuful lot for others during the holidays and sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. Schedule a day for YOU. Spend the day doing something YOU want to do. It’s not selfish; after all, you can’t do for others if you don’t first take care of yourself.
  1. EASE UP ON THE SUGAR — Holiday sweets can send your body on an emotional roller-coaster. Sugar is a stimulant and can create high and lows. If you have too much the lows can get lower and last longer each time.
  1. LAUGH — Laughing reduces stress hormones, and that can boost your immune system.
  1. FORGET PERFECTION — Studies have shown the world will not end if all the plates on your holiday table don’t match. Most holiday stress is brought on by ourselves.
  1. GO TECH-FREE — Turn of your gadgets during social gatherings. It allows you to enjoy what’s going on without wondering what ELSE is going on.

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